President 会长: 

张晖,  Phil ZHANG, CGA, MBA


   张晖先生是加拿大注册会计师协会(CGA-Canada)在中国的第一个学生。他1993年参加CGA的培训,并在1998年获得了CGA 会员资格。1998年至2007年,张晖先生曾先后但任加拿大注册会计师协会(CGA-Canada)和加拿大证券学会(CSI)中国区的高级执行经理。在他任职期间,他致力于在中国推广CGACSI专业培训。从2004年到2007年,张晖先生曾任CGA北京分部和中国区理事会理事。在2008CGA一百周年之际,张晖先生入选了全球100位杰出CGA张晖先生目前是加拿大3E专业培训中心执行理事和加中专业会计师协会(CCPAA)会长。

Phil Zhang was the first student of the CGA program in China in 1993 and got his CGA in 1998. Phil has a MBA from Laurentian University. Phil was the CGA-Canada and Canadian Securities Institute’s Executive Manager based in Beijing China. He had leaded the promoting the CGA and CSI’s designation in the last ten years in China. From 2004 to 2007, he was the director of the CGA Beijing chapter committee and CGA-China executive committee. In 2008, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CGA designation, Phil has been chosen as one of 100 CGAs who have made an outstanding contribution to their communities and the lives of other. Currently Phil is the Managing Director of 3E Professional Training Center based in Toronto and the president of Canadian-Chinese Professional Accountants Association.

VP-Education 副会长-后续教育:

林霞, Judy Lin, CGA

林霞现任一家全球性会计师事务所的高级税务经理. 2005年之前,她曾就职业于加拿大普华永道会计师事务所的税务部. 1998年林霞女士在北京获得了加拿大注册会计师资格认证并从2001年开始从事加拿大和国际税务方面的工作. 林霞女士协助了很多跨国公司构架他们在加拿大境内及其境外的有效投资策略, 她同时也帮助了很多投资股东建立了有效的个人理财税务方案. 在来到加拿大之前, 林霞女士曾任北京一家大型跨国公司的中国地区财务经理并积累了丰富的中国税务,审计和财务管理方面的经验. 在跨国企业和全球性会计师事务所工作的13年间,林霞女士在国际税务,加拿大税务, 中国税务和审计等领域积累了广博的经验. 与此同时, 她和很多中加两国出类拔萃的会计专业人士保持着广泛而深厚的联系.

Judy is senior tax manager at Grant Thornton LLP and had worked in the tax group of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP for 4.5 years before. Judy obtained her CGA designation in 1998 in Beijing. She has practiced in Canadian and international tax areas since 2001. Judy has built up extensive Canadian and international tax experiences and assisted various clients in succession planning, cross boarder and tax reorganization transactions. Judy was also a financial manager of a multi-national corporation in Beijing before she moved into Canada. With her over 13 years experience in industry and big accounting firms, Judy has established a wide-based networking with excellent professionals in Canada and China.


VP-Membership 副会长-会员:

庞丽, Lijun Pang, CGA

Ms. Pang is working Toyota Canada Head Office as Senior Reporting Analyst after finishing in Kawasaki Canada. Ms. Pang's efforts focus primarily on Accounting, costing, budgeting and reporting in the global manufacturing companies. Previously, she was a finance manager in GDX China (reported to CEO). Her job responsibilities includes: monitored operational-enhancing progress through strategic evaluation, inventory management, cash flow forecast and bottom-line profitability, transforming the limited growth potential into profitable position. Before that, she has spent more than five years in the Joint Venture of GM and BMW China. Ms. Pang has Master Degree in Accounting and Bachelor Degree in Industrial Business Administration.

VP-Public Relationship 副会长-公共关系:

Crystal LIMBA & CMA

Crystal, MBA candidate of Schulich School of Business, York University, specializes in CMA and Supply Chain Management. She has 15 years managerial experiences in China in various industries and 1 year service experience in Canada. In 1994, she organized Liaoning Provincial Foreign Enterprise Secretary Committee, and member of Board of Director. She is an active participator of social activities and organizations, i.e. CMA student membership, SFA, SEABA, SRPA, etc.

Secretary 秘书长:

詹丹丹, Grace Zhan, CA, CPA, MBA

詹丹丹现在加拿大最大的贷款公司之一担任Assisantant Controller。在此之前的5 年多,詹女士一直在加拿大特许会计师事务所工作,其中大约三年在四大之一做审计。詹女士是加拿大CA和美国CPA,毕业于多伦多大学Rotman商学院。

Grace Zhan is currently working as an Assistant Controller in a leading mortgage company in Canada. Prior to that, Ms. Zhan had been working in public accounting sector for over 5 years, of which nearly three years at one of the big 4 firms and 2 years at a mid sized CA firm at downtown Toronto. Ms Zhan holds Canadian Chartered Accountant designation and is also a US CPA. Ms Zhan received her Mastered of Management & Professional Accounting (MBA in Accounting) degree from Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto.